Though The Sawdust Chronicles will take any donations that we receive or are offered, we would prefer not to receive monetary donations, but rather prefer tools, materials and safety devices.

Materials Currently Needed:

Wood: We can only really store air and kiln dried wood right now.  If we had the accommodations for drying our own lumber, we would accept green wood too.  Sheet goods are always acceptable, as are rough cut, S2S and S4S materials.  We would especially like the opportunity to use reclaimed and abandoned wood products to illustrate that we support a low impact on the environment.

Tools: All hand tools and functioning power tools are sorely needed.

Woodworking Accessories: As tools fail, temporarily break down, or run out of materials they need to function properly, these accessories will need to be replaced.  Such accessories can include lubricants, clamps, measuring devices of all kinds, sharpening materials, extra blades for both power and hand tools, etc.

Consumables: Painter’s tape, double sided tape, glue, mechanical pencils, screws and nails, sand paper of all grits, tack cloths, etc.

Saftey Devices: Hearing and breathing protection for children such as earplugs/earmuffs and mouth/nose masks.  Eye protection in the form of clear rubber goggles.  Latex gloves and aprons would be appreciated too.

4 Responses to Donations

  1. Martin Gambichlier says:

    I have a lot of tools that I’m thinking of donating and I’d like to know if you have any places in Essex County, NJ?

    • Martin,
      We don’t have any physical locations / store fronts, but if you can wait a little while, I can check around and see if there are suitable outlets for your tools. Can you give me an idea of what tools you are looking at donating?

      What I’ll be looking for in your area: Boy Scout Troops, Girls Scout Troops, YMCA’s, woodworking clubs, Park Districts, local trade schools, community colleges, back to work programs, half-way houses, etc.

  2. K Ott says:

    I have a lot of tools that I’m thinking of donating. Can you recommend somewhere in Essex County, NJ?

  3. Jeff Burton in Walnut Creek CA says:

    Can you accept donation of Shopsmith with bandsaw?

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