Submitted Projects

The Sawdust Chronicles, Micro Jig, Rockler, General Finishes, Kreg Tools, Grand Slam Tools/Major League Woodworking, and Delta Porter-Cable would like to recognize all of the entries in the Fall 2009 60-Day Build Challenge.

Jason Rudge

Prizes: Grand Slam Tools Marking Gauge, Rockler Bench Cookies

Cory Hoehn

Prizes: Kreg Tools Model K4, Rockler Bench Cookies


Allen Lindsey

Prizes: Grand Slam Tools Marking Gauge, Rockler Bench Cookies


Jason Christenson

Micro Jig Prize Package:
Advanced Model GRR-Ripper Control System (GR-200)
GRR-Ripper Techniques DVD
MJ Deflector + Connector Accessory
1/8” Leg for GRR-Ripper
ZeroPlay Guide Bar System
MJ Splitter SteelPro

Rockler Bench Cookies

saved for laterblanks cut sealed and ready for the lathefor the firecedar from a friendshaping the outsidehollowingnumber 2number 1finally done

Dustin Ward

Prizes: Furnitology DVD, Rockler Bench Cookies


Kosta Viennas

Prizes: Furnitology DVD, Rockler Bench Cookies

crosses 093crosses 092crosses 091crosses 080

Henry Holdwick

Prizes: Delta|Porter-Cable 390K Low Profile Sander, Rockler Bench Cookies


Bruce Somers

Prizes: General Finishes $100 Prize Package, Rockler Bench Cookies

Front and left end panels with frameDSCF1090DSCF1089Front panel dry fitBlanket Chest Finished Left End ViewBlanket Chest Finished Inside ViewBlanket Chest Finished Front View Lid OpenBlanket Chest Finished front viewBlanket Chest Finished back view

Greg Jones

Prizes: Rockler Bench Cookies


Shawn Sealer

Prizes: Rockler $100 Gift Card, Rockler Bench Cookies


10 Responses to Submitted Projects

  1. Torch02 says:

    Could you add a brief description of how/where each piece was donated or benefitted wildlife – or do we need to wait for the full podcast & judging to find out 😉

  2. You know what, I may end up doing that after the videos come out. I’m spending all of my free time editing the audio, and putting together the video. It’s going to be a stretch getting it out on time.

    I will definitely try to come back, after the videos are out, and add that info in.


  3. Bruce Somers says:


    Looks like you were able to get some very nice looking projects submitted for the contest. I’m proud to have been a participant. Thank You to everyone for the efforts you made to support your local community. Rick, Thank You for making it happen.

    FYI, I am hoping to hear that I won a set of those cool looking Rockler Bench Cookies! I just wonder how they mix with cold milk and sawdust.

    Bruce (AKA FLWoodRat)

  4. Allen Lindsey says:

    Likewise… lots of amazing projects. You guys I’m sure had a tough time narrowing it down. I’m always amazed and humbled to see what other woodworkers are capable of creating. Good show fellow contestants and well done to Rick, Eric and Hafwit for organizing the event!

    – Allen

  5. Dustin Ward says:

    For Torch02

    My entry, which you can see above, is for the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI. They are a small local zoo that relies heavily on volunteers and donations. With this bad economy things have been difficult for them. I was happy to help them in any way I could.

    They requested cutting boards for the 7 kitchens that they use for preparing food for all the animals. They also requested cutting boards that they could use for their upcoming fundraising events. They requested 30 boards to start with. Yep, I have now agreed to supply a continued supply of boards for fundraisers and resurface any of my boards whenever they are needed. My little way of helping out.

    I was a couple of boards short by the night of the challenge submittal. These can be seen sitting in front of the table with the latest zoo news. (They were just missing the final cut to size, routing, and sanding) All of the boards were also made from reclaimed wood. Yep, I went to a number of local companies to get their scraps that they normally just throw away. Proud to be a dumpster diver!

    Thanks again to Rick and the rest of the crew for hosting and judging these great build contests!

  6. Bruce Somers says:

    For Torch2,
    My project (the solid maple blanket chest) was built for our work’s annual United Way fund raising campaign. We have been selling raffle tickets for for the past couple of weeks. 100% of the cash proceeds will be distributed to local organizations in need of our support. To date we have raised over $1750 dollars and are still counting. Ticket sales end on Wednesday of this week and the lucky winning ticket will be drawn this Thursday. Now, that to the fact that I might have won a set of those Rockler Bench Cookies, I think it was a win win win situation.

    Bruce Somers (AKA FlWoodrat)

  7. Allen Lindsey says:

    My project, the rotating DVD case, was done for the Rushville Public Library. They’re a small library with extremely limited funds. In fact their recent proposal to raise money for expansion was shot down by their own library board (?!) Their previous case was in poor repair and would no longer accommodate their collection and they couldn’t afford to replace it (the librarian, when explaining what they needed, pointed me to a website of a company that supplies library furnishings. The cabinet would have cost them close to a grand to replace.) Since their floor space is limited they wanted something that they could fit their collection of about 150 DVDs on and not have a huge footprint. The case I did holds 200+ and takes up about 2.5 square feet of floor space. Thank goodness for lazy susan hardware. 🙂

  8. Bruce Somers says:


    I really like your DVD case. I’m sure the folks at the library will get a lot of use out of it. I think I may just steal your design and build one for my son and his wife. Hope you don’t mind. By the way, YOURS is my favorite entry. Nice clean lines, well executed and very useful.

    Bruce (AKA Fl WoodRat)

  9. Wow! What a great variety of fabulous projects! Kudos to everyone who took part in and completed the Challenge. We’ve been enjoying the commentary in the podcasts, and are looking forward to part five to hear the winners revealed. Great job, everyone!
    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

  10. Cory Hoehn says:

    My project, the carpetball table, was donated to a local church’s teen ministry. They see over 190 kids every weekend and needed another activity to keep them occupied.

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