Judging Criteria

In this Challenge, we will be judging your projects on only one criteon, Compotision. Composition will consist of Material Selection, Material Usage, Structural Balance, Visual Balance, and Line flow.


Material Selection: Your materials should reflect the use and location of the project. If it’s location is going to be outdoors, the materials you use should be resistant to the weather in that climate. This includes the finish that is added to the project post-production.

Material Usage: Using a highly figured (expensive) piece of wood for an element of the project where it doesn’t make sense, or where it is not going to be seen, doesn’t employ good material usage. A softwood used for joinery that will be under a lot of stress is probably a bad idea also. Using common sense in relation to how you choose and use your materials will probably get you top scores in this criterion.

Structural Balance: Does the project look like it is balanced well as far as the size, shape, and position of certain elements in the project?

Visual Balance: How well do the elements within the project work together?

Line Flow: Does the silhouette of the project flow naturally? Should it? Is layering, applied molding, used well?

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