Build Challenge

I am writing this on the 5th day of the original 30-Day Build Challenge, and already I gauge it as a success. With 44 contestants, more than half of which are beginners, and a slew of people praising the project, I’m nothing if not overjoyed at the response we’ve received.

I originally wanted to host this contest twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. Even though I wasn’t sure, at first, if the initial contest would be a success, I have decided to go ahead with planning the Fall challenge.

The first challenge was a surprise project that only a handful of non-participating insiders knew what the build project would be. The next, and all subsequent challenge projects will be decided by public.

I am going to begin taking suggestions for the next build challenge project. So, think about a small, generalized, project that most people could use or give as a gift. Send your suggestions to us at, or leave them in the comments on this page. We’ll all vote on them later.

Here are some guideline to follow when making a project suggestion:

  • Project should not require specific wood specie(s)
  • Project design should be open to much improvisation
  • Final product should be able to be carried easily by hand
  • Project should not require specific tools to complete (i.e. lathe, scrollsaw, etc.)
  • A professional or advanced amateur woodworker should be able to complete the project in a few days
  • Project should require a minimal amount of wood
  • Project should allow for interchangeable joinery solutions

One last thing: Who would you like to see as a sponsor of this contest?

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