Details #1

Welcome to The Sawdust Chronicles’ 30-Day Challenge!

The Sawdust Chronicles’ 30-Day Challenge is simply that – a challenge.  We will be challenging you, the beginning woodworker, to complete a woodworking project within 30 days.  We pick the project, you find or create the plans, you iron out the details, you complete the project, and you reap the rewards.

The level of difficulty of the challenge should be self-scaled depending on your level of woodworking talent.  A majority of the challenge is dependent upon the honor system.  There will be entry forms to fill out and email, and there will be checks in place to keep cheaters at bay, but for the most part, this challenge will depend on your honor.

Here’s the deal:

On the morning of April 1st we will publish a podcast episode and a page on this website explaining the rules, requirements and rewards of the challenge.  You will have 30 days to get ready for the challenge.  Meaning, you will have 30 days to get your shop in order, warn the family that you will be spending every available minute of your time working in the shop the following month, fill out the required entry form and email it to us.

Then, on the morning of May 1st, we will publish a podcast episode explaining the project.  You will have the next 30 days to complete and submit your projects in order to be considered for the competition.  Entries will be judged on criteria that we will provide to you, and will be judged by Rick Waters, Erik Pearson and our guest judge, Neil Lamens.

The forms are mostly for us to verify whether we believe you are enough of a beginner woodworker to compete for prizes.  Of the competition-worthy contestants, a first, second and third prize winner will be chosen and prizes will be awarded.  Noncompeting entries will also be judged and receive an honorable mention when we publish the results.

We actually have valuable top-notch prizes to give away, so don’t hesitate to get your entry forms in to us!

Please visit the websites of our sponsors for this competition:

Woodcraft Magazine


Kreg Tools

General Finishes

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