Details #2

Thank you for your interest in The Sawdust Chronicles’ 30-Day Challenge.  In the Challenge you will be competing for valuable prizes.  Yeah, we actually got REAL prizes, and they are valuable!  But, there are some details we have to give you first.

You have 30 days to complete the challenge of building an office desk organizer.  If you are unfamiliar with this type of project, please take a look at this article from Fine Woodworking.  You do not have to build that exact desk organizer – in fact, if you do, you’ll probably lose some style points – but that article gives you the general look and function of the piece.

Here are the requirements of the Desk Organizer to build.  You are on your honor for some of these:

  1. Must have at least 3 vertical slots for papers/folders
  2. Vertical slots must be at least 9″ tall
  3. Must have at least 1 horizontal slot for storing papers
  4. Must have a place to store writing utensil(s)
  5. The bulk of this project must be made from hard or soft wood – not plywood, MDF, etc
    1. As is normal design, backing, bottom and drawer parts (if building a drawer) may be made of plywood or MDF
  6. You may not purchase more than 12 board feet of hard or soft wood (total) to complete the project
    1. You may use up to 5 board feet of scrap wood you already have in your shop
    2. If you build the entire project out of scrap wood in your shop, there is no max, but please let us know that it was made of all scrap wood
  7. You may not purchase plywood for this project in excess of a 2’x4′ sheet
    1. You may use an additional 2’x4′ sheet if it is already in your shop
  8. Upon submitting your entry, include the following
    1. At least 1 digital photo of your project during the build
    2. Digital photos of your finished project from every angle
    3. A list of all materials used to complete the project, and how they were used
    4. A list of all tools used to complete the project, and how they were used
    5. A description of the build process to include explanations of joinery used
    6. Optional: An estimate of how long each step took you to complete