The Winners!!!

The Sawdust Chronicles would like to thank all 46 contestants for joining us in discovering that this contest was aptly named ‘Challenge’. This was such a challenge that only 14 contestants were able to complete the project in 30 days. Another 2 contestants were far enough along in their projects, that we included them in the judging process.

We received so many emails and comments on the contest’s webpages, explaining how difficult the project has been for some people, but not due to the project itself, but due to the external influences. Prior personal responsibilities, job layoffs, family medical emergencies, and financial distress are among only a few of the reasons people dropped out of the contest.

Truthfully, we sympathize with all of those that weren’t able to complete the Challenge for any reason. While at the same time, we’d like to congratulate all of the contestants that finished.

The next episode of The Sawdust Chronicles will be a video podcast displaying and discussing each project that was sent in – completed or not. We also reveal the winners of the contest in the podcast, but you can also see below who won and which prizes they’ve claimed.

Winning Beginner Woodworkers
Waid Hundley – Woodcraft Magazine’s Joe Hurst Personally Sharpened and Tuned Block Plane
David Benton – Rockler Pack Rack
Michael Beauvais – Kreg Tool K4

Winning Amateur Woodworker
Shannon Rogers – General Finishes $100 Gift Package

See all of the submitted projects here.  Password is buildchallenge

5 Responses to The Winners!!!

  1. RockDoggy says:

    What a great bunch of projects! Lots of talent out there. Congrats to the winners!

  2. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware congratulates all the participants in TSDC’s 30-Day Challenge, and especially the people who were able to complete their project within the given time frame! Bravo!

    And special congratulations to David Benton, of Charlotte, NC, who won the Rockler Pack Rack! Way to go David!

    Special thanks to Rick Waters for coming up with the contest, and to all the judges who helped with the very difficult job of choosing among the many fine entries. What a great way to inspire woodworkers – and we’re all about that! Congrats everybody!

    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
    Create with Confidence

  3. I just realized something. Some of the projects, which did not win, may seem to be of better construction, material selection, and many other criteria, than the winning projects.

    What the pictures don’t currently display is whether each contestant was judged as a Beginner or Amateur. This may be rather important when you begin to compare project-to-project (which was NOT how these were judged).

    I’ll try to get the Amateur and Beginner statuses up this afternoon.


  4. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to winners Waid, David, Michael and Shannon – some pretty visionary ideas and stellar execution! Rick- your effort in putting this all together is appreciated. We look forward to your next contest.
    General Finishes Corporation

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