TSDC’s 30-Day Challenge

The Sawdust Chronicles Spring 2009 30-Day Build Challenge

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Submitted Projects (password buildchallenge)
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Please submit all questions for Joe at the bottom of this page.  If you do not want others to view your questions to Joe, please email him directly at joe_hurst@woodcraftmagazine.com

Link to measured plan for the Simple Desk OrganizerPDF Plan

Link to Fine Woodworking Project Article

Link to pics of donated tools

Prizes for the challenge:
Woodcraft Block Plane
Kreg Jig Model K4
Rockler Pack Rack
General Finishes $100 Prize Package

Please visit the websites of our sponsors for this competition:

Woodcraft Magazine


Kreg Tools

General Finishes

21 Responses to TSDC’s 30-Day Challenge

  1. kaytrim says:

    Joe can you post the sketch up file for us? Thanks, Michael

  2. gary lytton says:

    question about the project. Can the 9″ minimum requirement for the vertical slots be somewhere on the slots in case we want the slots to taper?

  3. Neil says:

    Alright Saw Dust Chronicles……you’re off and running for 30 days…….. Well 29 now!!!

    You should feel very good!!!

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  6. We’re thinking about all you contestants and wondering how it’s going! We can’t wait to see your finished projects! Be safe out there in your shops– it’s National Woodworking Safety Week!

  7. neil says:

    Wondering how everybody is doing???

    • Michael says:

      Funny you should ask Neil. I was going to send Rick an email this morning. Instead I’ll post it here for everyone.

      I started milling up some curly maple last night. Had two boards too wide to resaw on my little bandsaw so I ripped them down. Then passed them through the bandsaw and glued them up for panels. This was from my stash so the 2.5 BF will fall into my ‘scrap’ quantity. These will be the sides, dividers, draw front & pencil holders. The rest of the project will be made out of straight grain maple that I picked up at HD last weekend.

      My hand planes came in handy working with these boards. They did a nice job flattening one edge prior to resaw and after for the glue up. They will also help in flattening the panels. I’ll have to use my 62 degree Chinese polishing plane to get the final finish. The tear out is real bad if I am not careful because the curl is real tight. Total time on this stage was 2.5 hours.

    • Rob Horton says:

      So far, so good.

      It’s been a good sort of project for testing one’s dedication and planning ability. Juggling work, an 11-month old, and village noise ordinances that prohibit power tools after 8pm, it’s been a good exercise to marshal what what little shop time one gets to keep moving the ball down the field.

    • I’ve made a lot of progress over the last 3 days. Today I plan on finishing up the dividers and beginning my pencil tray. Hope it comes in on time!

  8. Neil says:

    Hi Michael……..alright. A little mix of maples. That 62 degree polishing plane sounds interesting, I remember reading in your blog about you also picking up a coffin palm plane (?) hope I’m naming it correctly. Rick had a requirement that if you judge you had to build, so I designed trying to use different design elements within the constraints so we had a sort of design elements teaching tool when we’re done, JEEEZ, I had a heck of a time with the constraint of pen/pencil storage, but on paper anyway got it to work in the element of juxtapositioning. Late nights are coming, but that the exciting part.

    OH…. I also saw we have a constraint that calls for a picture taken during construction. I have to remeber that.

    Very curious as to what we see…………..Neil

  9. Anxiously awaiting the results! Will we get a chance to see all the entries, or just the winning entries?

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