Shawn Sealer

For the Fall 2010 Build Challenge I decided to make an end table from plans that I doodled one night at work. The table measures 22×22 inches and 23 inches high. The majority of the table is made of Hard Maple. Other woods I used are Paduck and Ebonized Maple for the upper carvings and real Ebony for the inlay on the lower legs. I used real Ebony on the lower inlays of the legs so when I rounded the lower half of the leg with a block plane the Ebony would show through. The Ebonized carvings were first cut out on the scroll saw and then cleaned up with chisels and needle files since I do not yet own any carving tools. The Paduck carvings were roughed with a block plane and cleaned up with chisels, files and sandpaper. The legs and aprons are put together with mortice and tenon jointery. The total cost of the wood and materials fell under $200. Tools I bought for this project were an antique Stanely # 7 for $45 on ebay, a $30 belt sander from Harbor Freight, and about $20 worth of sandpaper and glue. Once again I had a great time doing this challenge. I learned a lot and look forward to next year.

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