Kosta Viennas

I used pine to build a 7 shelf entertainemt center. Total time was about 190 hours. All the parts are panels so that took almost 2 weeks to build flatten and trim 14 panels. There are 7 shelfs 2 middle panels 2 side panels bottom and top and a back panel. There is a 2 in tall base that is just over 1 inches in from each edge. There are 2 coats of golden oak and 2 coats of polyurathane on all the parts. There are 16 dados 2 of those are stopped dados. There are 6 rabbets 2 of those are stopped rabbets. The front edge of the top panel overhangs by about 1-1/2 in and there is a roman ogee profile on the bottom edge of the front panel. Final dimensions are 20 in tall 31-1/8 in wide 19-3/4 in deep. Spent about $120 on materials $30 on hand tools and $60 on power tools. Overall I didnt get hurt that much there were a few close [deleted] calls some small cuts but overall everything worked out pretty good.

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