Keith Keppler

Post 1: Have been struggling with the design. Sketching and more sketching I have it down to it will be a table, so its not going to grade out good on originality. But I need a table to fit in a specific area so that is what it will be. A couple of things I would like to add into the design is a scrolled basket weave pattern I saw on a box at Lumberjocks, looked cool on a box and I think it would make a great table edge. Being the contest is for a surface I’m also thinking on some type of inlay with some scrap pieces of veneer. Constraints I have is that this will be built with stock on hand. Finally have the design down and now to start building.


First let me say I have new found respect for all the podcasters that have documented and filmed multiple projects. How Tommy ever filmed that entire bombe is beyond me after trying to remember to take pictures of this little project.

Starting to build and playing with the details:

Roughed out legs, and cut to final size, still need to taper after aprons dry fit, cut template for aprons and tested the look, I’m happy with that. made template for the basket weave pattern an cut a sample pattern, still not sold on the look but I will move ahead and make the pattern from the real wood for the project.


Finished the basket weave patterns and will not be using that as a table top edging, does not look good at all.
Finally making good progress and without some catastrophic issue will make the deadline with room to spare.
Finished fitting the aprons and tapering the legs, working on the stretchers and final top details.


Updagte forgotten to be sent in. Pictures of the joinery and final assembly before finishing.


Final build submission pictures.

The table details:

171/2 x 17 1/2 x 32, soft maple frame with tiger maple top, soft maple breadboard ends pegged 3/4 through and dry fit to allow for expansion.

finish schedule was, mix 1/3 bullseye sealcoat, 1/3 denatured alchohol 1/3 med brown dye stain sprayed 2 coats and sanded back to pop grain and as blotch control for the soft maple. applied GF light brown dye stain top coated with wipe on poly (which I will never use again) went on to thin and was difficult for me to control as opposed to the water based poly I spray or a wiping oil.

Top is the suface for the competition and the wood was so beautiful I did not want to obstruct it. Which move away from the veneer pattern I was originally planning when I found it in the back of my wood stack.


This is the last update and final set of pictures. Hopefully some of these picutures are good enough to be evaluated.

Thank you, Neil and Adam again for putting this contest on.

2 Responses to Keith Keppler

  1. Neil says:

    Keith………what do you mean not original…………….a table can be pretty unique. Yeah we’ve seen the ached aprons and stretchers, but we haven’t seen your inlay work.


  2. Waid says:

    I feel the same way about my design in terms of originality. I feel like its not so, crazy space alien out there, and I might suffer on the originality points. In the end I decided that my personal sense of aesthetics was more important than winning. I looks like you feel the same with your project. That being said… your design is not simple or ordinary. I like that arch look and think it appears to be a challenge. Just because something might be weird doesn’t make it attractive. When the contest is over I bet it will be tough for a judge to award more points to a weird piece over a stunning one. I think your table is going to look cool.

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