Joe Ledington

Surfaces: That is the the challenge for the build, which fits prefect with something that I have been working on in my head for the last couple of weeks, It started with a friends son going off to college, and him complaining about not having a table to use his laptop on when he is sitting in his chair watching the TV. His dorm is small and the desk is cramped and he can’t see his TV from the desk, so to solve the problem they got him a fold up tray that was designed to eat dinners off of, you know the type, every one has them in the closet, the old TV trays! not an idea solution.

Well that got me to thinking, there has to be a better design for a fold up table that has a little more style that could be used as a all propose desk or table and still fold up and placed out of the way when not needed.

Then last week I was ripping some boards with my table saw up on my portable work table which is to high for the task, and I got to thinking that the same type of folding table could be used as a tool stand as well as a portable computer desk.

That night I started doodling while watching TV and after about five sheets of drawings I came up with something I liked, then I drew it in SketchUp just to play with an idea I had, next step I want to get some card board and make a mock up before building the table.

When I do build the first table I think I will use plywood and 2x, because it will become my saw stand, after I know it will hold up I can tweak the design for style. I think this would be a great work surface for college student or any one with limited space, the surface can be used as a computer desk, art desk, dinning table, outdoor tables for the scouts, or a number of other possibilities that haven’t even thought about.



This is my entry for the Sawdust Chronicles 2010 build challenge it is a 25″ x 25″ x 18″ Cherry and Walnut table.

SketchUp Design

Finished Table

Well since Sunday October 24th, I have manged to finish my table for the Sawdust Chronicle’s Build Challenge. Well actually I build two tables the first was a prototype that gave me the inspiration for the final design on my second table.

matching wood grains

splines cut in miters

smoothing out saw marks

homemade vice

clamping miters

shooting the foot

I was going for lots interesting surfaces and negative spaces. I could made the intersection of the V on the legs a 90 degrees, but that would of gave me a square and I was going more for a diamond. so I cut the miters at 52 degrees and then splined them together for strength. I used oak and ran the oak at a 90 degrees to the spline so it wouldn’t split down the grain line. Next the two V sections are halve lap together at the mid point, but not all the way. I cut the lap at 3/16 in both sections so that there would be a 3/8″ step giving the legs the appearance that they are 1 1/8 ” thick. I added a cove to soften the angles and added the walnut piece to highlight the diamond. Where the V sections are joint there are two 1″ sq rails that connect the two leg section.u


The top is a piece of 3/4″ plywood trimmed in cherry with a band of pine and in the center is a piece of walnut burl, I order some more decorative banding that I had planned on using, but it didn’t come in the mail in time, so I used the pine because it is what I had on hand. Maybe one day I will route in the banding and do a in lay in the center, because my wife has all ready said this is her table.

I used

2 bdft cherry,

3 ft 1/2 x 3/8″ of walnut,

4 ft 1/2 x 1/4 pine,

4 sq ft of walnut burl

4 sq ft of 3/4 plywood

all of which cost me $ 5.00 at an auction I went to last year, I spent $11 on finish, I ended up using Minwax’s Wipe-on Poly. I did manage to buy two wooden shoulder planes that I used for this project and a Stanley #45 that I didn’t use, (but don’t tell my wife) all for $30.00

trimming the top

The biggest challenge besides designing which was a lot of fun for me, has been working without a shop. I build both of these table out side or when I could inside sitting at our craft table by my computer.I carry my tools outside and set them up, do my work then pick everything up and bring it back in. I do most of the big and messy stuff outside and inside I cut all the small parts with a hand saw and then adjusted miters with a shooting board. The day I planned on doing all the joinery was the day we had the tornado’s and we lost power all day so I ended up doing all the joinery with handtools, which was ok with me accept the wind was blowing and it was cold, reminded me of my days as a carpenter. All in all I have really enjoyed this challenge although I wouldn’t recommend waiting till the last week to change your mind and start over, but working under them kinds of deadlines are really nothing new to me actually I think I work better that way sometimes. I hope everyone that entered has enjoyed themselves as much as I have and got something out of this I know I did and I just want to say Thanks to Rick and Neil for all you guys have done.

My first design

I did want to mention my prototype table or my Z table as I call it. it was what had in mind at first. living in a small apt I just wasn’t sure what to build that we need and my plan for it was to use it as a saw table for my portable table saw. after I got it build my wife borrowed it for some crafts she was making for the craft show we were in on Oct 23, so I never did get to use it for my saw, but she tells me it works great. It folds up nice and flat and will hold my weight which is pretty good, I have a couple of tweaks I want to make on it.

The design is a good one and it can be made into a nicer looking table for camping or patios or for just for tools stands

without the top for a better view

the finished prototype or Z table

for more on my project check out my blog at Sleepydog Woodworking

Thanks for looking and have a peaceful day.

PS: Here are some more pics

2 Responses to Joe Ledington

  1. Neil says:

    Joe…………..that’s entering and working the process brotha!!!!! Very excited to see where this all ends. You got the Need in there, the thought process, the doodling, the sketch-up, a mock-up mention. All good stuff. Impressed how you gathered up the “Design Process”.

    This is why Rick loves his challenges………….Neil

  2. Waid says:

    Hey Joe,

    Just a thought here. You could cut the top of this piece to mimic the leg and then put glass in it. I’m not sure what you would do with the edge though. I guess that part could just be open. OR you could just do what ever you want to do which is probably for the best. Just a little brainstorming.

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