Jeff Peterson

kib·itz (kbts)
intr.v. kib·itzed, kib·itz·ing, kib·itz·es Informal

It is called a Kibitzer chair. I am not sure who came up with the name but this is what I know it by.

1. To look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others.
2. To chat; converse.

This is not an original project idea. I took the idea from a chair that my Dad made about 40 years ago. I made some changes to the legs and the top to make it my design. I curved the legs and added some pullout pencil trays on both sides of the top.

I used regular 2x material and pine boards for the construction material. For the joinery I used hardwood dowels that I made from oak and glue. I also used some screws in the construction of the chair.

For the finish I used 175 coats of hand rubbed boiled linseed oil…. just kidding! HA! I really used Minwax dark walnut stain and polyeurathane top coat.

The estimated material costs came to $50.
2 pine boards = $20
1 2×6 = $6
stain = $7
poly = $7
misc. (glue,sandpaper…) = $10

Overall the construction of the chair was straight forward. The finishing posed some unexpected challenges. Part of the challenge was getting the stain to color evenly. I used wood conditioner before the stain and it still covered unevenly if I wiped the stain off. The solution was to leave the stain on and let it dry without wiping it off. Also the poly top coat turned milky after the second coat and the third coat was even worse. The solution to that was to sand off the milky topcoat and restain the piece. So technically there is no topcoat on it but somehow, unexplainable by me, the topcoat came through the stain and left the shiny finish that you see pictured. ???? Whatever happened, it worked!

Here are some pictures of the 1st chair built about 40 years ago by Dad, some of the process, and some of the finished chair. I has been a journey!

1 Response to Jeff Peterson

  1. Paul Elshoff says:

    If this is the same as the ones I saw in the jewish quarter of the north end of Toronto in my youth, one sits facing the elevated “back” and leans on it, right?

    There were so many of my friends that were jewish, I was 14 before I stopped calling our priest “rabbi”. 😉

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