Brett Peterson

First, I had to go the the premium hardwoods dealer and select the choicest boards for the project. 😉
Then I brought them home and resawed them to useable dimensions for my plan.
I am not sure if I should disclose the project idea to you now or keep it a surprise.
Is it okay to change my mind about the project and materials if I get going a direction and I need to?
Looking forward to the journey.


Hey, here is a little snippet of the progress of my challenge project.

This will be the “main” surface of the piece.

I have only recently acquired a planer and a jointer,(just before the challenge, so I haven’t broken any rules yet!) so this is pretty much the first piece that I have had the convenience of these two tools for dimensioning/truing the stock.

Since this is a challenge, I am challenging myself to learn some more processes in woodworking. Jointing and planing have been two that I am learning. Also resawing on the bandsaw as you can see in previous photos. I am also going to venture into some steam bending for the legs. That is what the pictured six curved pieces are for.

I am also contemplating trying some chip carving on the piece. I am not sure about this one though. I just got a book on the subject and I am not sure if the fir will carve well enough for good results. We will see after I try some test pieces.

As far as the top, it is pretty straight forward. I cut an old 2×4 that was salvaged from some shop ugrades that I have done this summer. I cut them in half and planed them the same dimensions on all four faces. I chose the best sides to show on the top with some of the character that salvaged wood has (nail holes). I orinted them and glued them up like a cutting board/butcher block.

So far, everything has gone smoothly. I don’t think that any of the processes that I will be encountering will be overwhelming, but my “plan” has changed tremendously since the start. The only idea that still remains from my original design are the legs, everything else has changed. The end product will be a side table for a reading chair.

1 Response to Brett Peterson

  1. Brett,
    Sorry I never answered your questions from the first post. So here ya go.
    Yes, you can (and should) divulge your project.
    Yes, you can change your mind on the project if need be. Just try not to change your mind 2 days before the project is due. That would be bad.
    Good Luck!

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