2010 Build Challenge

This year I’m shaking things up a bit. In fact, just having a single Challenge, instead of 2, is a shake up. But, until I win the lottery, or get a job that pays me full-time wages for only working 2 or 3 days per week, there will only be one Challenge per year. The energy required to host one is just too draining to do any more than that.

Anyway, the shake up is that I’m posting the details (rules) of the Challenge now. I’ll be editing them all the way up to the Challenge start date (September 1, 2010), and you’ll have to wait until then to find out what the project is, but at least you’ll have a good idea of where I’m headed with this challenge.

So, head on over to the Rules page to find out all of the Do’s and Don’ts, check out the entry form here, and while you’re at it, take a look at our Sponsors/Prizes page.

One perk of this Challenge is that all contestants have the option of creating their own project page. Stop on by and check out all of the current contestants and their projects here.
Once you’ve decided to join us in the Challenge, cruise on over to the Judging Criteria page to see how we are going to judge your entry. It’s important that you finish the project before the deadline, but it’s also important that you design and build your project within the criteria that we will judge it. Doing so will maximize your score for the project.

The deadline for entering the Challenge is September 15th, 2010. But, I’m sure if you beg and plead with Neil and me, we’ll let you in after that…

Requirements for submitting your entry once you finished include the following:
At least one digital image of your work in progress
At least four, but as many digital images as make sense, of your completed project. Take pictures from all angles that you want us to see. If we can’t see it, we can’t judge it.
Write up a description of your entry, the process that you went through to design, build and finish it, and include any other necessary information about the project that we may or may not need to know.

6 Responses to 2010 Build Challenge

  1. kay dunn says:

    I am thinking about trying to be in your challenge not sure yet.

  2. Ron says:

    Im am thinking about joining in in the challenge but I have to finish building my current project first, our bathroom vanity. Hopefully it will be done soon.

    • Ron,
      OK, since we know you are considering it, we’ll keep a light on for you as long as you need it. Officially, registration ends Sept 15th, but we’ll make exceptions for people who tell us that they are considering it and other circumstances are currently preventing them from committing.


  3. Dustin Ward says:

    Question about the challenge. If my surface moves, does it always need to stay inside the stated space? For reference, imagine an octopus. It starts in a constricted space but the arms can then extend out, up, down, etc. It changes position, size, shape, etc.

    • Dustin,
      That’s a great question. It’s also something that we anticipated for a similar constraint in the WoodExpo ’11 showcase. The answer is something that we would hope that you would challenge US on. And that is… If the item CAN fit inside the size constraints (meaning if folded up, it can fit, but unfolded it can’t), then it sounds like it meets the requirements to me.

      I see it this way. If you have to DO something to it to make it NOT fit, then it at least would fit if you left it alone. So, therefore, it meets the requirement.


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