Build Challenges

The Sawdust Chronicles Spring 2009 Build Challenge

The Sawdust Chronicles Fall 2009 Build Challenge

2010 Build Challenge

About Our Challenges:
Aiding woodworkers, their communities, charities, non-profit organizations and even the local wildlife, The Sawdust Chronicles has helped inspire woodworkers since 2008. Our Build Challenge contests have served as a conduit for woodworkers to raise almost $1700 for the United Way, give the diminishing Wren population homes, provide furniture to struggling libraries, give teenagers a way to blow off some steam, donate many handmade toys to Toy-For-Tots, keep local zoo kitchens equipped with cutting boards, provide schools and daycares with items for fund-raising auctions, provide a school’s special education program with new furniture, and donate a bookcase to a New York firehouse in dedication to those who gave their lives in 9/11.

These charitable efforts extended all the way to Australia! As podcasts know no geographic borders, The Sawdust Chronicles has reached out to most of the English speaking world. And in doing so, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped many woodworkers along the way.

Our Challenges have become known for their strict rules. In the past we’ve restricted the contestants to tight time constraints, expense allowances, amount of wood used on a project, and more. Time and again our listeners and contestants surprise me. With the Challenges, they surprise me with their adherence to the rules and our informal Honor Code.

Here’s to the select few who have successfully made it through one of our Challenges! And the even smaller group who have made it though all of our Challenges!

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