Episode 49 – TSDC Build Challenge 2010 – Part 1

Click here to play Episode 60Click here to play Episode 60

The first of approximately 7 videos of the 2010 Build Challenge Critiques.
Kosta Viennas and Jesse Decker in this episode.

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7 Responses to Episode 49 – TSDC Build Challenge 2010 – Part 1

  1. kosta says:

    hey rick for some reason this video isnt playing.

    • You have to wait for the video to download to your browser. It’s a very large file, so it’s gonna take a while. My suggestion is to ALWAYS use iTunes to download video podcasts and view it in their app.

  2. Dyami says:

    Sorry to say I can’t get it to play either. Can’t wait to watch it though.

  3. waid says:

    It just hangs in transfer for me also. “Transferring data from a6.video3.blip.tv…”

  4. waid says:

    started playing after about 10 minutes

  5. Tom Collins says:

    Glad to finally hear from you Rick. The video works great in iTunes. I heard you have been very busy, so I know you did your best to get it to us asap. Thanks for your hard work.

  6. Paul Elshoff says:

    Took 17 minutes to load for me and cut out a few times.
    On the knock down computer desk there are FIVE pieces guys, bot six! 🙂

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