Build Challenge 2010 Results Are In!

Hey everyone! I know it’s WAY overdue, but the results of the 2010 Sawdust Chronicles Build Challenge are in.
Please check out all of the projects on the personal pages of the winners. You can find links to them all, as well as the prizes awarded so far (some prizes have yet to be awarded) here.

I want to congratulate all of the contestants for their great efforts! It’s always a joy to host this contest, and to push woodworkers to learn from others, and teach themselves skills of the craft that they didn’t possess before.

Well done gentlemen!

First Place: Rob Horton
Second Place: Tom Collins
Third Place:Michael Beauvais
Forth Place: Joe Ledington
Fifth Place: Shawn Sealer
Sixth Place (tie): David Benton
Sixth Place (tie): Dyami Plotke (Partial Project on Website)
Eighth Place: Kieth Keppler
Ninth Place: Waid Hundley
Tenth Place: Jeff Peterson
Eleventh Place: Jesse Decker
Twelfth Place (tie): Jon Edmonds
Twelfth Place (tie): Chuck Curtis
Fourteenth Place: Kosta Viennas

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One Response to Build Challenge 2010 Results Are In!

  1. Bruce Somers says:


    First, thank you for all the work you and your judging team put forth to run another great SDC Woodworking Challenge. Without a doubt, this year’s entrants did an outstanding job. Congratulations to all of them. Rick, it seems like the projects submitted get better every year. I look forward to next year’s contest. Keep up the good work. Bruce

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