Episode 48 – Mid Challenge Update

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I know it’s not really ‘Mid-Challenge’ anymore, but here’s what we intended to be published on October 1st. If you are a contestant in the Challenge, and the content in this podcast have caused you to change the direction you are going with your build, please let me know right away and I’ll grant you an extra few days for the build.

The 207 thread with Paul’s questions about veneering and dying wood is here.

Here is the pic of Ricky Davies’ unknown wood plank.

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2 Responses to Episode 48 – Mid Challenge Update

  1. Rob Horton says:

    Panga Panga is a subspecies of Wenge. Similar grain pattern but not quite as dark. I picked up a few boards when Owl Hardwood was blowing the stuff out at half off and have used it perfectly happily as a substitute for Wenge.

    As to what would compliment red oak? Oaks to my eye generally don’t play well with other woods. I’d leave the red oak to stand alone and perhaps accent it with some metal inlays, i.e. brass or aluminum.

  2. Torch02 says:

    To answer your question – I called it “template board.” It was some 1/8″ plywood. I used a 48″ T-square to mark off and draw lines 1/2″ apart.

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