Episode 47 – 2010 Build Challenge Kickoff

Click here to play Episode 47Click here to play Episode 47

Here it is! The 2010 Build Challenge has officially begun! No hints in this blog post, you have to listen to the episode to get all the remaining details.

I’ll be sending you an email to make sure that you get all the details you need. You should still listen to all of the Build Challenge related podcast episodes just to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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2 Responses to Episode 47 – 2010 Build Challenge Kickoff

  1. Neil says:

    GOOD LUCK………Guys!!!!!

    Do not hesitate to contact with questions if any. Criteria states….. 70% is the Objects Design – ORIGINALITY!!!!!! Stay in the sketch book even when you think you are done…. doodle a bit more…Somethign with kick something else off.

    I’ll be posting stuff on Twitter – @Furnitology – Rick is there under – @SplinteredBoard -Adam is – @AdamKingStudio

    Look for tid-bits and work it through. look to the objects— Silouhette —- search for form – FORM


  2. Jeremiah says:

    Wish I could join in this year but I’ve got too much going on with school and work. Hopefully next time my schedule will be a little more accommodating 🙂

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