Episode 45 – 2010 Build Challenge

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Hey everybody! This is a heads up that the 2010 Sawdust Chronicles Build Challenge is looking for entries. Here are the rules to the contest, and the project to design and create will be revealed on the first day of the Challenge.

Something I don’t mention in the podcast: I know that there seems to be a lot of contests, build-offs, and other woodworking competitions going on right now. If you feel like you want to compete in other contests and not the Challenge, I completely understand. If you sign up for the Challenge, but find out that with your other commitments that you don’t have time to finish the project, please tell us right away so we don’t keep bothering you with emails about submitting your project photos and story.

I believe that what the TSDC Build Challenge offers is much more than what you will receive elsewhere.
What sets us apart:

  • Our genuine concern that you understand the competition and the rules/restrictions
  • Our willingness to have experts help you along the way
  • We are focused on getting novice woodworkers familiar with design, and the scheduling/planning of a build
  • We are concerned with the ideal use of your time and effort
  • Our Challenges are set within strict time restraints to help simulate a real life commission example
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