Episode 30 – Build Challenge Finale – Part 2 of 5

Click here to play TSDC Episode 30Click here to play TSDC Episode 30

The end of the Fall 2009 Build Challenge is here!
This episode will not, I repeat, NOT reveal the winners. For that, you have to wait for the 5th part in this 5 part series. That will be a short audio episode.

Here we will discuss Bruce Somers’ blanket chest for his United Way, and Cory Hoehn’s Carpetball Table for his church’s teen center.

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1 Response to Episode 30 – Build Challenge Finale – Part 2 of 5

  1. Bruce Somers says:

    Rick and Neil,

    Thanks for the critical feedback on my entry. Your analyses were spot on. Hopefully, I can use them to improve my next project. FYI, I have a couple of minor editorial notes to clarify what you said in the episode. To the materials, the legs were 8/4 stock,, the rails and muntins were 6/4 and the lid (second attempt) was made from 7/4 and all but the first 1/8 inch was hand planed to the final 1-1/8 thickness.

    To date we have sold over $1700 worth of raffle tickets with two days remaining before the final drawing on Thursday morning.

    For your information, General Finishes is right on top of things. You announced the winners today and they have already contacted me.

    Please extend our gratitude to all of the sponsors for their generous support of your contest.

    Again, thanks for allowing us to participate–Bruce Somers.

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