Episode 22 – WIA – Oscar Fitzgerald

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While at Woodworking in America, I had the opportunity to talk with Oscar Fitzgerald after his session 20th Century American Furniture and Why You Should Like It.

Anyone who has an interest in furniture would like this session. Of the 7 sessions that I went to, Mr. Fitzgerald’s was probably the most energetic. I described it later to several people as if we were shot through a cannon made up of 100 years of American furniture. I was especially pleased to see some of my favorites included in the fast-paced presentation, such as Jere Osdood, Hopkins and Wendell Castle. But he didn’t limit it to my preferences, he also included several pieces from Maloof, Frank Lloyd Wright, many other Arts & Crafts designers/builders, and reproductionists.

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1 Response to Episode 22 – WIA – Oscar Fitzgerald

  1. Neil says:

    Rick…………….that was excellent. You gave Oscar plenty to ponder. I thought his comment on Art vs Craft interesting, it’s easy to stay out of the fray but Art is Art and Craft is Craft, I think that name he mentions something “Trip” has written often on this. Also when you asked him about his favorite pieces, he was ike a kid in a candy store, just like all of us.

    You may have gotten a very important thought out of him that could be used to further push the home based woodworker and that is…..

    “if you’re really talented and really driven and really committ yourself, whether you are self taught or not, it really doesn’t matter.”…..Oscar Fitzgerald, WIA, Chicago, Aug 2009

    Nice work Rick, really enjoyed it…………….Neil

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